Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association is the parent support body for the school. Meetings are usually held once a term and include input from various appropriate speakers, teaching staff and an opportunity for parents to discuss important matters pertaining to their children’s education. This is a very worthwhile and informative time together for both parents and staff and a crucial aspect of school life.

An executive made up of P and F representatives and those in charge of other aspects of school life meet each term to plan and assist the school in its operation. Roles covered include class parent, social and fundraising activities, uniform and prayer group.

Would you like to learn more about the P&F or consider becoming a of this valuable support group? Contact the school administrator for more details.

The P& F can be contacted through email at:

2016 P&F


Lys Karagun


Nicola Dawkins


Sonya Elliott

Uniform Stock Coordinator         

Samantha Leslie

Uniform Sales Coordinator         

Emma Olsson

Fresh Food Fridays                     


Prayer Team Leader                  

Catherine van Akker

Fundraising Coordinator           


Meal Bank Coordinator             

Emma Gillies

Events Coordinator                   

Heidi Cameron

Year Parent Coordinator           


Year Book Coordinator             



2016 Year Parent Coordinators

Yr 1   Tanya

Yr 2   Heidi Cameron

Yr 3   Jodie Hazlewood

Yr 4   Cora Andrews

Yr 5   Larissa Tompsett

Yr 6   Judi Cowdery


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